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6 Things You Can Do To Help Save The Bees

There’s a good chance you must’ve heard “Save The Bees” in an expletive manner multiple

times over by now. The thing is, it’s really not an expletive. The bees are dying and we need

to move faster and better in order to save them. We need to adopt environmentally

conservative practices that will extend into the future of bees and ultimately, the future of

humanity. One can’t survive without the other as the bees are responsible for over 30% of all

the crops!

Plant Bee Friendly Flowers in your Garden

Plant lots of forage and homogenous flowers in your garden. The bees will

appreciate it! Weeds are good too. Native plants are the way to go because the bees

in your area are used to them.

Do Not Use Chemicals In Your Garden

Pesticides, fertilizers, and neonicotinoids are major bee killers! They cause paralysis

among the bees and even an instant death. Instead, you should use natural compost.

You can also get ladybugs or praying mantises to keep those parasites away.

Bees Love Drinking Water

Bees are often thirsty as heck. It’s one of the simplest things you can do, leave a

bowl of water out near those flowers. Put some corks or stones for them to land on.

The bees will really appreciate it!

Buy Honey From Local, Organic Producers

Large corporations don’t even care about human beings so why would they care

about treating the bees in a humane manner. They often use pesticides and

insecticides during the process. Support your local farmers and your local bees and

buy nice, organic, ethical locally sourced honey.

Build a Bee Hotel in your Garden

One of the biggest reasons for the dying bee populations is a lack of habitat and

shelter. A lot of people are building what is called “Bee Hotels” in their backyard.

They’re available online for $20-$30 bucks. It can even be as simple as a coffee can

stuffed with weeds.

Get Informed About the Bees

One of the best things you can do is read up about how bees are not dangerous

creatures who bite human beings unprovoked! All they want is to suck the nectar of

your flowers and weeds so humanity can go on!

We all need to come together and do things for the betterment of our civilizations.

These 6 things are not only doable, they are economical. Everyone can do them.

Let’s all come together and do our part in saving these little, magical creatures.

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