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6 Tips For An Eco Friendly Vacation

As environmentally-conscious as you may be at home, nobody wants to put themselves in a

box when they go on vacation. People want to relax, kick back and let go of the pursuits of

their everyday life.

We’re not here to ask you to be an ultra-disciplined environmental-robot. Instead we want to

show you how truly EFFORTLESS it is to conserve and sustain your eco-friendly habits even

when you go on vacation.

Here are 6 things you can do:

Choose Eco-Friendly Hotels

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No matter where you stay, whether you’re an airbnb person or a hotel person, there’s always

places you can find that make the environment a priority. You can easily find eco-friendly accommodations on sites like. or

Follow The No-Trace Policy

Eco-friendly lifestyletips vacation man goes hiking in Norwegian mountains and fjords

Make sure that wherever you go, you keep track of what you’re disposing of. There’s no

need to throw trash on the beach. Your trek doesn’t need to be a trail of wrappers left along

the way. Like a ninja, make sure to leave no trace on the environment that you trespass.

Reduce Your Travel Carbon-Footprint

The simplest way to accomplish this is by choosing a non-stop flight to your destination. You

don’t wanna add unnecessary stops along the way to add on to your carbon karma. You

should also try to fly economy as more people per flight equals fewer emissions per person.

Use Public Transport or Bicycles or Walk on Foot

Vacation Bicycles is an eco friendly lifestyle tip

When you’re out and about on your vacation destination, feel free to use a bike or walking as

a means to slow everything down and take in the scenery of the destination. It will not only

cut down your emissions but also help you appreciate everything way more. And as an

added bonus, you can use it as a way to help burn those holiday calories!

Eat Sustainably: Support Local Businesses

It wouldn’t make any sense to travel to a beautiful, mystical locale and order Chick-Fil-A.

Instead check out the local food flavours from smaller joints. Buy items that are handcrafted

by local craftsmen, they’ll appreciate it and so will mother nature.

Engage in Green Activities

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There’s no greater way to help you appreciate your surroundings and enjoy your trip better

than basking in the glory of nature. Try hiking, scuba diving or horseback riding instead of

riding a dune buggy or a jet ski for hours on end.

Bonus tip for you eco friendly vacations activities are of learning local about local food by taking cooking classes. A great way to meet people!

We hope that you give these a shot. They’re as low effort and convenient as it gets. These

are six ways you can not only help the environment but also make the most of your trip!

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