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6 Shocking Facts About Our Oceans

The oceans are dying. It may sound alarming but it’s not hysteria or “fear-mongering” in the

least. Overfishing, bycatch and industrial fishing are killing marine life at a rate none of us

can even imagine. And what’s worse is that it doesn’t get talked about at all! Here are 6

ALARMING facts about our oceans.

When it comes to saving the planet, one whale is worth thousands of trees. New research shows that wales capture tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere.

Whales are not just mere ginormous, majestic creatures but literally the lifeblood of this

planet. Whales & Phytoplankton have a unique, symbiotic relationship where they need each

other to survive. Whales absorb a plethora of carbon from the atmosphere every time they

come up to breathe. They hold within their body tins of CO2! Even when they die and their

carcass hits the ocean floor, they help support deep-sea ecosystems.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the size of Texas

We’ve all heard about this mysterious patch of garbage that’s floating around in the ocean

but it’s actually 1.6 million square km long! That’s an island. Imagine you see a patch of

garbage the size of the UK floating around the ocean. Sickening.


90% of Most Fish Breeds are Already Dead

Overfishing might be one of the biggest problems in the world. Fishes such as Sharks, Tuna,

Seabird and all their sub-types are 90% eviscerated. Over 30,000 sharks are killed every


Enough Fishing Nets Are Dumped in the Ocean To Wrap Around The Planet 500 Times

Every Single Day

If you thought plastic was a problem, Get ready for fishing nets. With over 5 million fishing

vessels in the ocean, working overtime to fish entire panels of the ocean, they require fishing

nets. Every single day tons of fishing nets are cut up and dumped in the oceans. While

plastic in the oceans is a problem that overwhelms us, it’s dwarfed in comparison to fishing


Bottom Trawlers are so big & mighty, They Wipe Out 3.9 Billion Acres of the Ocean

Floor Every Year

That’s bigger than the size of the United States of America! These nets are big enough

swallow 13 jumbo jets at one time! They sweep across the ocean floor and eradicate any life

along the way. It’s not just the fish but also their carcass helping the ecosystems on the

ocean floor to grow that are vanished.


The Oceans are Responsible for 85% of the Oxygen in the Atmosphere

Phytoplankton reside throughout our oceans and along with all the aquatic creatures, are

responsible for 85 percent of the oxygen that exists in our world! Phytoplankton float above

the surface of the ocean and sometimes as thick as a 100 yards.

For some odd reason, this is not talked about enough. This is one of the biggest problems

we face as human beings if not THE biggest problem. Ocean conservation is not something

we can carry on without.

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