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10 Foods you need to know about when it comes to sustainability

Sustainability is a long road for all of humanity. Achieving progress and the kind of progress

our environment deserves will require changes from all of us. Especially, considering that

one quarter of global emissions come from the food we produce. This is a very complex subjects , but here are some key take aways that you should know about if you care about sustaiability:


Fishing is by far doing the most damage to our environment. Overfishing and industrial

fishing are so overwhelmingly bloated that they are wiping out marine life as we know it. A

big change needs to be made here in order for the earth to sustain itself. Most of the

categories and families of fish are already 90% gone!

Luckley there are sustainable fish to buy. ( Thank god, because fish is so delicious ) – A good place to find sustainable fish is using the search to


Beef requires breeding of cattle that in turn require water and grass. It has a large carbon

footprint on the environment. Especially as the demand for beef keeps growing.


Sugar is one of the most harmful substances on the planet. Not only to human beings and

our bodies but also to our environment. Sugar causes massive erosion of natural biodiversity

and soil as well. According to a study done by WWF, sugar is among one of the worst crops

for the environment.


It takes 17 pounds of CO2 to produce a pound of bacon! That’s a crazy tradeoff to make. It

might be time to cut back on the bacon especially now that we’re seeing artificial bacon

production ramp up. It sounds horrible because in the past, it was. But the recent

developments they’ve made have really made the taste almost indecipherable from real



Coffee is grown in areas of rainforests that are very sensitive and need untethered balance

to sustain, not industrial farming. These forests are really sensitive and are home to a lot of

organisms and microorganisms. Coffee production really messes with its balance.


Chocolate has a similar story to coffee. It is produced in deep parts of rainforests that have a

very good balance of flora and fauna. The biodiversity of these parts of the forest gets

messed up because of coco farming and production. It’s best to check where your chocolate

comes from and switch to more sustainable brands.

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