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6 Environment Friendly Coffee Brands

Coffee is one of the most used commodities on the planet. Everybody uses it! Not all coffee

brands are made with the environment’s best interests in mind. Coffee in general isn’t very

good for our environment. So there’s a lot of room to be environmentally responsible here.

Here are 6 brands that will help you offset that carbon footprint as well as that guilt

associated with the environment.

Wonderstate Coffee

Wonderstate coffee is one of the shining examples on this list. Their roasting process is

100% powered by solar energy! They are committed to being right and doing right by the

environment. They go above and beyond in terms of fair-trade practices as well.

Bulletproof Coffee

An environmentally-sound coffee brand with beans grown in Guatemalan hills. They are not

only exquisite in their taste but also in the efforts taken for the environment. Their coffee is

grown with 100% chemical-free practices. They are certified by the Rainforest Alliance as


Equal Exchange Coffee

Screenshot from Equal Exchange Coffee website

This brand prides itself on sustainable farming practices. They work with small-scale family

farmers to produce their coffee beans. They work with zero chemicals and pesticides to keep

the produce natural and organic. They’ve been doing this for the last 30 years.

Salt Spring Coffee

Salt Spring Coffee screenshot of website

One of the most sustainable brands out there, Salt Spring Coffee are all about the 4 P’s;

people, planet, profit, purpose. They follow sustainable farming practices and have won

awards for just that such as the B Lab’s “Best for the World” award thrice. They go to great

lengths to ensure their goals are met. They are also a member of the 1% for the planet club

where they donate 1% of their sales to environmental causes.

Stumptown Coffee

Stumptown are really conscious of the impact they make economically, environmentally and

socially. But what’s special about them is that they lay the groundwork for coffee harvesting.

They are on the ground in the coffee haven of Oregon talking to individual farmers and

paying these farmers as per the quality of the coffee beans. They give them fair wages and

believe in fair-trade practices. Farmers are incentivized to produce the best coffee possible.

Tiny Footprint Coffee

As the name suggests, this is a brand that is obsessed with the environmental impact they

make. Having a tiny carbon footprint is just the tip of the iceberg for them. Not only do they

have zero net carbon emissions but a carbon negative! Talk about making an impact. They

donate a portion of their profits for reforestation and taste amazing!

Now you can have coffee and feel good about the environment! These coffee brands are

some of the best when it comes to fair-trade practices, sustainability and having minimal to

none carbon emissions.

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