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5 Tips to Reduce Food Waste

Food waste is one of the large problems standing in the way of us becoming environmentally-friendly beings. Tons of food is wasted every single day by us. Be it leftovers, over-estimation of food or just things going past the expiration date. This is not just a household problem, it’s a much bigger problem than that. There are steps we can take to cut-down on the amount of food we waste every day.

Donate Food

We’re guilty of wasting a ton of food. Instead of shoving our leftovers down the chute or leaving it in the fridge till it goes bad, we can work on the estimation of food we need and donate the leftovers. There are a lot of homeless people and people in need of food who will happily eat your container of leftover food. Check out this link to learn how to donate food ( US )

Start Composting

Chances are that a lot of the foods that we force down the trash, don’t belong there. They can and should be composted. We all have plants in our house that can use some natural homegrown compost. It’s easier then you think and luckily there are some really great compost solutions on the market. This one is a highly recommended.

Start Reusing Foods

A lot of these foods have uses for us more than just stuffing them down our gullet. For instance, coffee grounds don’t necessarily need to be trashed but can instead be used as a decompose. It can also be used as a body-scrub. Another example is that an avocado’s peels can be used to care for your skin. They make amazing natural face masks as they’re rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants. So use that instead of face masks manufactured with harmful chemicals. Mix some honey and you can apply it to your hair as well.

Pack Lunch for Work

This is truly one of the best habits to pick not just for the environment but also for yourself. It won’t just help you not waste food but also save money! Packing your lunch is incredibly cheaper than ordering every day. It’s also much, much healthier. With this lunch box, you also will look cool

Shop Smart

When it comes to wasting food, the biggest mistakes are often made while shopping. We go in there without a strict list of what we want, we’re going to be fishing around tons of stuff that we don’t need! Impulsive shopping is real folks and we’ve all been a victim of it. Instead, you should make a solid list of exactly what you need and purchase just that! Most of the stuff that goes bad in the back of the fridge is a result of impulsive shopping.

It’s almost effortless to make sure we don’t waste away something that millions of people are being starved off of. We should all do our part and make sure food gets wasted away as little as possible

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