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20 Tips To Be More Eco-Friendly That You Can Start Today

There is a collective call to do better by and for our environment with each passing

day. We have polluted and abused it for far too long. We need to be better. We need

to do better. Awareness about our environment and the horrible ordeals it has been

put through is on the rise, so join your fellow humans in becoming more

environmentally conscious beings who love the planet.

1. Recycle everything! From your coffee bags to avocados. A plethora of things we throw away are recyclable. The key to a successful recyclable system is to have good and way to sort your recyclables. We just love this system

2. Turn it off! Turn off electricity wherever possible. Even appliances that are plugged in should not be.

3. Switch to renewable energy today. Switch to solar panels and electric cars and join the movement.

4. Try to cut out plastic. Plastic is toxic for the environment in any form it is used.

5. Eat less meat and less fish. Cows release a lot of CO2 into the environment and industrial fishing is depriving our oceans of entire ecosystems.

6. Choose public transportation or riding a bike as much as  possible. Carpool wherever possible.

7. Reduce food waste! Plan you grocery store trips, make a list of things you need so you don’t end up getting stuff you have no intention of eating.

8. Install LED lightbulbs and conserve electricity.

9. Recycled toilet paper or a bidet is always a good way to make changes in the bathroom.

10. Start composting!

11. Buy local! Instead of buying groceries from big box stores, go to the farmer’s market to get your produce.

12. Support companies that have ethical practices such as low carbon footprint and fair-trade practices.

13. Make sure you eat your leftovers.

14. Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins.

15. Get some plants for your household. They help clean the air. 

16. Replace your rain shower with low-flow faucets.

17. Follow a 40 min rule, if the distance of your commute is under 40 minutes, take your bike. 

18. Use a metal bottle to drink water instead of single-use plastic bottled water.

19. Reduce your eating of red meat

20. Give away perishable items before they go bad.

These 20 tips will not just help you feel virtuous in the fight for the environment but

also make you a better person. Try these 20 out for yourself and let us know how

much better that feels

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